+13.77% (+18.37% including change of GBP/PLN ratio) from the start of running public portfolio, WSE wallet – week 18/07/2016 – 24/07/2016

During the week 18/07/2016 – 24/07/2016, the value of carefully selected stocks went up 4.58% versus WIG20 return 1.91% and WIG 2.20%. As we see, the wallet has beaten the market again and the result +4.58% is currently the best weekly result of this portfolio.

+13.77% (+18.37% including change of GBP/PLN ratio) is the return from the start of running a public portfolio of shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. During this time (less than 4 months) ratio British currency / Polish currency – GBP/PLN has changed from 5.41 to 5.20.Continue reading