11 BIT STUDIOS (11B) sold

Today I will show you my last transaction from my real wallet on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

I had stocks of 11 Bit Studios SA (11B). 11 Bit is a game developer company based in Warsaw, Poland. They are renowned for a game “This War of Mine” which was released in 2014 and was a great success for such a small company.

I like game developers, especially from Poland. Such companies are gaining better profit when other currencies are high in comparison to Polish Zloty (PLN). Besides, the costs of production are far smaller than in the developed countries.


The chart below shows the moments of buying (green dots) and the moment of selling stocks (a red dot).

I was buying stocks of this company in November and December of 2015 and decided to sell the stocks after reading the financial report for 2015. I was disappointed with the profit from the last quarter of 2015. It was below my expectations. I sold the stocks at the opening – but I set the transaction price at least 78.00 PLN per share. It was realized and it turned out to be almost the highest price of that day. More investors were selling the stocks after those financial results, therefore, you can see the long white candlestick in the chart that day. Next day there was a conference with company management and it was said that the next game will be released later than it had been expected before (a long black candlestick). From what we see in the chart, the decision about selling was perfect.

I earned 13.61% from this transaction in about 4 months. It is not a bad profit in my opinion.

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