+48.50% in half a year – a summary of my investment wallet in £ on my ISA account

It is already half a year since I started investing money on the ISA account. It is time to summarize that period.

return vs the rest.PNG

The chart above shows the performance of my investments in £ vs benchmarks – FTSE100, FTSE 250 and SP500. My wallet performance in that period was +48.50%. FTSE100 gained +15.44%, FTSE250 lost -3.96%, and SP500 went up 13.57% – details below.

rates of return

My idea of investing in the developing countries and commodity market was a good choice.

The reasons for investing in those markets are in those posts:

  • post from 19 of April 2016

Fundamental Valuation Ratios – why I invest in Russia and Poland and I am not so keen on investing in UK shares

  • post from 7 of July 2016

Fundamental Valuation Ratios – a focus still on Russia, Poland and China stock markets


I like to be transparent with my investments – that is why I show you my transactions on ISA account.

The transactions in the last 2 months are below:

transactions 1

transactions 2

Earlier transactions I showed in posts:

  • from 18.02.2016 till 30.03.2016

My investments in £

  • from 31.03.2016 till 17.06.2016

+21.38% in 4 months – results of my investment wallet in £
As I wrote in the latest summary of my investment wallet in £ – I sold shares in the fund Investec Enhanced Natural Res I Acc Net (GBP) and I bought the shares of other funds I already had in my portfolio (their performance was better) – see table below:

stopy zwrotu w okresach

The performance of the fund Investec Enhanced Natural Res I Acc Net (GBP) was the worst in every period (1 month, 3 months, 6 months) showed in the table above.

The leader in the last 6 months was the fund investing in commodity JPM Natural Resources C Acc (GBP) which gained 65.73%. The fund investing in Russia market gained 51.24% and the fund investing in China market gained 41.67%.

The second fund investing in the commodity in the same time gained 39.69% (vs. 65.73% of JPM Natural Resources C Acc (GBP)).

By using website myfund.pl where I am noting my every transaction I show you how the moments of transactions were placed in time.

jpm commodity.PNG



investec commodity.PNG

And at the end I show you my current wallet structure – see the chart below:

wallet structure

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