Habits as the way to change life – Summary of April 2019

The new cycle on this blog

I wrote in the About page on this website that the focus of this blog might include other areas than stock market investing. I decided to share with you some interesting aspects of my life which I hope will help me getting closer to achieve my goals. This new cycle of posts is about my summary of a month.

It will also give value to me as it will help me to monitor the changes in my life. I hope it will give you some potential inspiration to test new ideas in life.

Small steps

I have been working on improving my life for some time already. I decided to implement some habits and things I do regularly to improve the quality of my life.

Why I share these things online. I know that sharing it with larger public will make more resistant to break my habits / things I work on.

27/30 days in April
Current streak: 27 days

107/100 days

It was the second time I decided to run away from winter and spend the New Year’s Eve in much warmer place. This year I left windy England and travelled to Gran Canaria island. It was almost 2 weeks, so I had enough time to enjoy the break from the English weather.

Travel to Gran Canaria island

After the holiday on the 10th of January I decided to do a change in my life and don’t drink for at least 100 days. I am not a heavy drinker, but the point was to completely stop drinking and see how I like it.

I managed to do it. And I really like it. I stopped my ‘crusade’ after 107 days without a drop of alcohol. I could not resist having a beer in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic which is called the ‘beer capital of the world’. Especially when cold beer was coming to me in a railway trolley.

Vytopna Railway Restaurant in Prague

The train stops for only 20 seconds so you need to hurry up with taking your beer from the platform located next to your table.

Getting up early which means 5:30 AM or earlier
17/30 days

I had 17 trainings in April. My goal is to have at least 15 ‘active days’ in the month. As active day I count a day when I train in the gym, run or walk at least 10 km. If during the day I train in the gym and then have a walk at least 10km, I count it as having a gym training only. In that way I do not double count the active days.
In this month I trained 13 times in the gym, I had one running training and 3 walks of more than 10 km (21km, 14km and 10km).

Financial independence
I increased my wealth 4.3% which was the effect of a good performance of my stock market portfolios. More about it you can read in this post.
Moreover, I am on the 1stplace in the Investment League with my Facebook investment.

3 days fasting
I will write more about this one in a separate post as I believe it might be interesting for some of you.

StocksAndFreedom.com blog

In April I moved the website to secure https. Moreover, in the last month I wrote two posts after 14-month break from writing here.

I visited 2 cities in Poland during my holiday at the beginning of April. Next, there was a trip to Bristol and the 3 days break in Prague.

6 books!!!

That is something I did not expect, and you can think how it is possible to read 6 books in just one month. I will share some advices soon.

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