Results of 3 years investing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Today I will show you my historical results of my investments on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. I started investing at the beginning of May 2013. My first transaction was buying KGHM Kombinat Gorniczo-Hutniczy Miedzi Polish Copper on May 2, 2013. This company is a symbol of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It is one of the largest producers of copper and silver in the world.

I have been investing for almost 3 years and I am quite happy because of my results. I have changed my way of investing during this time and I know that I am better every month. I read a lot about investing and probably it is difficult to imagine but I am not bored with reading the financial statements of stocks (shares). What’s more, it is quite interesting for me. I learn every day about it and I hope I will be still better and better.

As you can see – my annual return from investments is 21.33% (1st year), 19.95% (2nd year), 5.96% (3rd year till today).

What is maybe more interesting, my wallet beats WIG20 even more. There is an ETF allowing to invest on the Warsaw Stock Exchange instead of buying stocks of the biggest 20 companies on the WSE. The results are more impressive 15.55%, 16.55% and 28.16%.

Below you can see a screenshot from a Polish website On this website, I save all my transactions, which allows me to manage my investments in a better way.



The results of the 3rd year are not final and I have time until the end of April to improve my wallet performance. Keep your fingers crossed for the bull market on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

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