Results of three and a half years of investing on the WSE – my real wallet

On 1st November 2016, there has been already three and a half years since I started investing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. I want to present my results to you:

– my wallet gained +101.16% (+102.46% above inflation),
– the benchmark of the WSE – index WIG went up +11.55%,
– the benchmark of the biggest companies on the WSE – WIG20 went down –21.17%.

In the table below there is a comparison of results from particular years of investing and comparison to benchmarks for the Polish stock market.

The results from every month are presented below:

As we see, it was not a bull market on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. But my carefully selected companies did not care what is going on on the wide market. An annual medium rate of return above inflation equals +22.33%.

I wish my readers and myself a continuation of such good results.

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