STALPRODUKT SA – one of eight WSE wallet companies revealed!

I have decided to show you one of eight companies from my WSE wallet. The name of the company is Stalprodukt SA and it operates in metal products industry. The company’s shares have gone up +49.13% since I added them to the WSE wallet (less than 3 months).

In the chart below I show moments of buying shares of that company to my real wallet – green dots.

The description from the company’s website:

„Stalprodukt S.A. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of highly processed steel products: grain oriented electrical steels, cold formed sections, road barriers,and toroidal cores. The Company also possesses its own well-developed distribution network of metallurgical products. It consists of wholesale warehouses and offices in several cities in the territory of Poland. Stalprodukt’s warehouses managed by Stalprodukt-Centrostal Kraków sp. z o.o. Along with a few subsidiary companies, it is included in the Stalprodukt S.A Capital Group.”

Link to the company’s website:

The company is still growing. Net profits have risen 10 quarters already and I do not see any reason to sell it.

On  4th August 2016, the board of the company informed that net profit for the first half of the year is  189.2 mln PLN (compare to 108.4 mln PLN in the first half of 2015). It means that the growth in net profit is as much as +75%. Link to that information in Polish:

Generally, the company is still cheap – see the table below:


With new financial resources, I am going to buy again stocks of STALPRODUKT SA as well as other companies contained in The Warsaw Stock Exchange Freedom Portfolio.

Below there is a historical chart of stocks of this company – it is still far from the extreme price.

stooq chart


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