The Warsaw Stock Exchange Freedom Portfolio

The wallet results

I have been investing for 4 years on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. From the end of March 2016, I was offering access to the composition and any changes in the portfolio. During three and a half years of investing, I reached out the rate of return equals +102.16% above inflation.

It seems that the people who decided to peep the wallet from its inception should not be disappointed. The results surprised me positively. The Warsaw Stock Exchange Freedom Portfolio gained +41.70%.

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What will you get?

In the portfolio, I present my stocks and their weight in the whole wallet. The changes I will usually do on Friday at the closing price. There will not be many changes because it is a long-term wallet – this is how I invest (I analyze stocks very carefully before buying and I change shares when a company disappoints me with financial results). If the change has to be done in another term, I will send an e-mail to all subscribers.

Subscribers receive PDFs on e-mail address with:

  • my currently held stocks;
  • any changes in the wallet composition from the moment of subscribing.


How to subscribe?

Use contact page and send me an email for more information.


Thank you and welcome!