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STALPRODUKT SA – one of eight WSE wallet companies revealed!

I have decided to show you one of eight companies from my WSE wallet. The name of the company is Stalprodukt SA and it operates in metal products industry. The company’s shares have gone up +49.13% since I added them to the WSE wallet (less than 3 months).

In the chart below I show moments of buying shares of that company to my real wallet – green dots.

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+13.77% (+18.37% including change of GBP/PLN ratio) from the start of running public portfolio, WSE wallet – week 18/07/2016 – 24/07/2016

During the week 18/07/2016 – 24/07/2016, the value of carefully selected stocks went up 4.58% versus WIG20 return 1.91% and WIG 2.20%. As we see, the wallet has beaten the market again and the result +4.58% is currently the best weekly result of this portfolio.

+13.77% (+18.37% including change of GBP/PLN ratio) is the return from the start of running a public portfolio of shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. During this time (less than 4 months) ratio British currency / Polish currency – GBP/PLN has changed from 5.41 to 5.20.Continue reading

Finally after the UK’s EU referendum, WSE wallet – week 20/06/2016 – 26/06/2016

During the week 20/06/2016 – 26/06/2016, the value of carefully selected stocks went up +1.23% versus WIG20 return +0.87% and WIG +0.37%.

Congratulations to British people for taking a brave decision. I will not give my opinions on this topic because it is not a political blog but I want to say that I know that it is always difficult to change something even when we are not happy with our current situation. Continue reading

Results of 3 whole years of investing on the WSE – my real wallet

Like I was writing in the post published one and a half month ago – I hoped that the situation on the stock market will be good also in April – for this post see link below:
Results of 3 years investing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

It was not like that in general. From that time till the end of April WIG went down -2.81%, WIG20 went down -5.06% but my private wallet went up 3.08%. It is what I call “to beat the market nicely”.
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