face-damianHi, my name is Damian. I am a Swindon-based investor, engineer and blogger. I live and work in the United Kingdom. It is the third country of my existence. Maybe the last. These days there are many opportunities to invest from any place in the world.

I want to share my knowledge with you – show you how I make money, how I invest it wisely. I want to guide you about which investment products to adopt and how to use them safely. Investing money is not an easy thing but it can give a lot of gladness.

I started investing a few years ago. I was disappointed with the low returns from bank savings and started to look for other ways of allocating my money. This is how my stock market experience started. I have read a lot about it – materials on the internet, books from investment gurus. I wanted to improve my investments through new knowledge which I tested in the meantime. That is how I shaped my investment style.

I am a long-term investor. I learnt that broker charges have a big influence on investment return rates. This led me to make a better choice of companies on the stock market. However, I am not in a strong relationship with the companies in my portfolio. If I see that the performance of the company is deteriorating and this company is no longer worth to be in my financial wallet, I do not hesitate to sell it.

I am still looking for other opportunities to invest money better and to fiscally optimize the allocation of my money. I try to learn from every transaction. I think about getting new knowledge about investing in property. I will share my experiences with you.

I want to guide people and expand their way of thinking about saving and investing. I want to promote concepts of financial independence, optimization of investment costs as well as help to understand the effect of inflation and how to deal with it etc.

Running a blog and sharing my selected companies makes me more careful about my investment ideas. Since I am aware that some of my readers will use my choices, I analyze every decision more deeply. I always prefer if people learn from my choices, rather than copy them – I hope that they can be encouraged by my example and from this look to expand their own investment ideas.

Another advantage of this website is that through comments from my readers I too can gain good pieces of advice and use them. I am not able to see every good opportunity on the market so any additional ideas are a great help to me. Let’s help ourselves together.

I have been always interested in economy and intelligent ways of making savings. I am a big fan of the idea of an early retirement. But I do not mean just stop working. I mean: not to be forced to work to have money for living. It gives you independence which frees your mind for much bigger things than working to make ends meet.

I am not a financial advisor. Everything that I have learned comes from my own experience. I am not a theoretician. I invest my money and I hope my experiences are worth sharing with you. It is up to you what you will invest in and how.

This blog is about saving, investing, pieces of advice about developing yourself in this trajectory and it can evolve in the future. It depends on where my thinking will go next.

If you are into gaining knowledge about investing, read the blog. If you like it, share it with friends.

Please note I am not a regulated financial advisor and so any help will be non-advisory. If you are unsure of the suitability of any investment you should seek professional financial advice.

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  1. Hi Damian
    Like you i’m a civil engineer and a serious investor, making more money from investing than going to work. Unfortunately I use financial services companies to do this for me who charge some £10K for their work. On one hand this is fair enough but I feel that I could do better (which I have done years ago by making smart investment switches). I want to invest a fairly large sum but am not sure how best to do it; I have thought simply of mirroring one of my service companies: Fisher Investments and at least saving their fee. What do you think?
    Chris Wise CEng MICE

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