How to read 6 books in a month?

In the last post I shared with you the information about one of the metrics I measure each month. It is the number of books I have read. I wrote that in April I finished 6 books. It means that on average I was taking a new book from the shelf every fifth day. To be honest, a few years ago I could not even imagine achieving something even close.

You can think that I know some great ways of finishing books quickly. Do I use speed reading techniques? The answer is no.

Am I unemployed and spend all of my time on reading?

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Habits as the way to change life – Summary of April 2019

The new cycle on this blog

I wrote in the About page on this website that the focus of this blog might include other areas than stock market investing. I decided to share with you some interesting aspects of my life which I hope will help me getting closer to achieve my goals. This new cycle of posts is about my summary of a month.

It will also give value to me as it will help me to monitor the changes in my life. I hope it will give you some potential inspiration to test new ideas in life.

Small steps

I have been working on improving my life for some time already. I decided to implement some habits and things I do regularly to improve the quality of my life.

Why I share these things online. I know that sharing it with larger public will make more resistant to break my habits / things I work on.

27/30 days in April
Current streak: 27 days

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