+21.38% in 4 months – results of my investment wallet in £

4 months of keeping a record of my investment wallet are behind us. The decision to invest money in the developing markets and commodity seems to be really good.

The portfolio unit value changed +21.38% vs. +0.82% for FTSE 100 – see the image below.chart

And below is the table showing changes in each month.table.JPG

The reasons for investing in those markets are in this post:
Fundamental Valuation Ratios – why I invest in Russia and Poland and I am not so keen on investing in UK shares 

Generally, I am going to sell the fund Investec Enhanced Natural Res I Acc Net (GBP) and buy more units of the other 3 funds. I think China market and commodities will gain more and I am going to focus on increasing the value of those funds in my portfolio.

Links to previous summary and history of transactions are here:

– post from 3 of April 2016  My investments in £

– post from 17 of April 2016  My investment wallet in £ – results after 2 months 

In the post My investments in £ you can read about the history of transactions from 18.02.2016 till 30.03.2016.

The rest of the transactions (31.03.2016 – 17.06.2016) are below – screens from the Transaction statement of my ISA account. Generally, I try to buy funds regularly.







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