Summary of my investments in 2016

It was the best year in my investing history. The selection of assets which I chose at the beginning of 2016 turned out to be very good. I think that I am choosing very good companies because I started documenting my choices, sharing them with you so I am more focused on this. In a nutshell, I chose proper stocks from the Warsaw Stock Exchange, funds allocating money in Russia, China and into commodities and they paid generously. My investments are divided into stocks from the Warsaw Stock Exchange and funds in my ISA account. Below I will share with you the detailed results of my investments from 2016.

1. Investments on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

+40.12% – change of the wallet pricing during 2016

+57.46% – including change of the ratio GBP/PLN, the wallet result are even better. Since British currency to Polish Zloty ratio dropped from 5.72 to 5.09 during the 2016 year, the decision to invest in the stock market outside of London Stock Exchange was a good decision.

The 4 best stocks in 2016 in my wallet gained:


+ 72.25% during 8 months in my wallet
I wrote about the transaction in August 2016 in this article:
CDRL – historical investments on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (+72.25% in about 8 months)


+83.33% during 7.5 months in my wallet
The company is still one of the ten companies in my financial wallet on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
I wrote about the transaction in August 2016 in this article:
STALPRODUKT SA – one of eight WSE wallet companies revealed!


change in the pricing between +60%+90% during 3.5 months


change in the pricing between +120%+150% during 12 months

I will not reveal here two other companies from my portfolio – the companies are still in my financial wallet.

the WSE wallet

The WSE wallet, which I show to my subscribers and contains the same companies as my real wallet, gained +31.54% (it is less than +40.12% because the start of this wallet was 28th March 2016, not the beginning of 2016.

In the table below, you can see the chart showing results of my wallet and benchmarks for the Warsaw Stock Exchange:


My wallet results from the beginning of investing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange – 3 years and 8 months: +107.33% vs +17.19% (WIG) and -16.01% (WIG20).


2. Funds in my ISA account

I started investing my money in ISA account since 16th February 2016. The result of this wallet is +68.61% – see the chart below presenting my wallet and benchmarks for the UK and the USA markets performance.

funds GBP.jpg

The best funds in the portfolio are:

Neptune Russia & Greater Russ C Acc (GBP)
+76.19% during 10.5 months

JPM Natural Resources C Acc (GBP)
+58.33% during 9.5 months

I showed the changes in the portfolio of funds in the posts:
+48.50% in half a year – a summary of my investment wallet in £ on my ISA account
+21.38% in 4 months – results of my investment wallet in £
My investments in £

I hope the 2017 year will be also very profitable for me and my readers. Happy New Year to all of you.

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