2 months since I commented the forecast of Goldman Sachs’ Top Trade Ideas for 2017

On 8th December 2016, I published a post about Goldman Sachs’ Top Trade Ideas for 2017 where I expressed my point of view on it, mainly on its part about the best stock markets to invest money in – Warsaw Stock Exchange finally noticed by investors, the Santa Claus rally on the WSE.

Let’s see what were the changes in stock market valuation since publishing my post. The buying price is the closing price on 9th December 2016. The current price is the closing price on 10th February 2017.

Russian RTS went up 4.9%
Indian SENSEX30 went up 5.9%
Brazilian BOVESPA went up 9.3%
Polish WIG went up 13.2%
Polish WIG20 went up 13.4%
My wallet on the Warsaw Stock Exchange went up 14.8%
British FTSE100 went up 4.4%
US S&P500 went up 2.5%

It seems that Polish stock market was achieving best results among those stock markets. British and American markets, as I had thought, did not have great performance. And it seems that Russian stock market was not very good during this period. But we should compare the performance with the performance of the currencies we can buy the companies on the stock markets mentioned above. I will compare it to the GBP.

Russian Ruble to British Pound – RUBGBP went up 9.2%
Indian Rupee to British Pound – INRGBP went up 1.9%
Brazilian Real to British Pound – BRLGBP went up 8.9%
Polish Zloty to British Pound – PLNGBP went up 5.1%
US Dollar to British Pound – USDGBP went up 0.7%

Now we can compare the results. I will show the result in descending order:
1. My wallet on the Warsaw Stock Exchange +20.6%
2. Polish WIG20 + 19.2%
3. Brazilian BOVESPA +19.0%
4. Polish WIG + 19.0%
5. Russian RTS +14.5%
6. Indian SENSEX30 +7.9%
7. British FTSE100 +4.4%
8. US S&p500 + 3.2%

We can say that Goldman Sachs’ forecast is going well. Among their 3 choices from the article: Poland, Brazil and India, performance of 2 of them is really amazing. But I am also happy because of my choices: Polish and Russian stock markets. I still find British and US markets not satisfactory enough to invest in. The emerging markets’ performance seems to be much better. I hope that this tendency will continue this year and my readers will have a steady growth of the value of their investments. Stay tuned!

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