My investment wallet in £ – results after 2 months

Exactly two months from starting running an investment wallet in £, I want to show you the results. My choice to invest in the emerging markets and commodities was good. 20.67% during 2 months is really decent profit. In the same time, FTSE 100 went up 6.58%. WIG – Warszawski Indeks Giełdowy (Warsaw Stock Exchange Index) went up 4.93%.

In the image below you can see a comparison of the performance of my wallet (in green) and FTSE100 (in blue):


And a picture showing the results in each month: in February from 18th February, the whole March and until 16th April.


Now I have 3 funds in my wallet:

  • Investec Enhanced Natural Res I Acc Net (GBP) (GBP)
  • JPM Natural Resources C Acc (GBP) (GBP)
  • Neptune Russia & Greater Russ C Acc GBP (GBP)

I have decided to sell Henderson China Opportunities I Acc (GBP). The performance of this fund was worse than two commodity funds I have and I know that if the commodity price goes up, also China market is going up. So I prefer to have funds which performance is the best. I have checked and after selling China fund – other funds had better results than the one I sold.

Today – there is a meeting of oil producers in Doha. The results of talks can affect oil price and consequently the results of my wallet. Keep your fingers crossed for a positive effect of the talks.

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