US presidential election 2016


It is supposed that the upcoming event in the USA in November – the presidential election – may affect stock markets around the world, however, I do not think that the winery of a particular candidate in the USA will have a really big impact on the performance of most of the Polish companies.

I do not see any reason for good prosperous business in Poland to suddenly slow down. I believe in my selection of companies. 70% of companies in the WSE wallet have Price/Earnings ratio below 15. Their fundamental valuation ratio places them as a bargain now. Moreover, these companies increase profits and revenues every publication of the financial results.

The only thing I do is I prepare myself. I prepare myself for bargains… I have my private money ready to use if opportunities come. If I see some great companies cheaper 10% or more I will not hesitate to use the money. You should still bear in mind what happened after UE referendum in the UK – after few days of shock, stock markets were even higher than before the referendum.

The piece of advice I want to give you is not to wait outside the market for the crash. But if the bargain happens – buy good prosperous companies even cheaper.

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